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Can I develop my own business idea with an entrepreneurship program?

Many of the ideas that alumni and students work on come from areas that they learn about during the entrepreneurship program. However, most of them already have an idea before they even start the program and are looking for resources and advisors who can help them develop this pre-existing idea.

Is it expected that I launch a business after I complete an entrepreneurship program?

No, although we would be delighted if you choose to do so. The main objective of these programs is to provide students and alumni with the skills and resources necessary to develop an idea into a business.

Do I need to have a Business degree before I can start on one of the programs?

As it is presently set up, our programs are designed for those who already have a basic understanding of business management and entrepreneurship. However, it is not required. No matter what course you graduated from or are currently pursuing, we welcome the opportunity to help you start the business of your choice.

How can I get in touch with a fellow alumni?

There are many ways to network and connect with your fellow alumni. You can check into the Alumni Association directory for their contact details or you can attend our networking events and get to know alumni with entrepreneurial interests that are similar to yours.

How can I promote my business?

There are numerous methods for promoting your business, including the Alumni Business Directory section of the online directory, sending brochures and samples to your network, or through attending the networking events that we organize. You can also advertise your business on this site, by checking out our Advertise Here page.

I am already an entrepreneur. What resources are available to me?

We regularly publish publications and articles that are designed to help you keep up to date with the business environment in different industries. We also organize networking events that you can participate in in order to expand your business connections. You can also enroll in some of our courses and programs to learn from seasoned and successful business owners.