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Alumni Association of the Islamic Azad University

The Alumni Association of the Islamic Azad University believes in empowering students, faculty, and alumni across the world to become leaders in the innovation economy and delve into the development of business ventures and startups. One of its missions is to make entrepreneurship more accessible to alumni and students alike through the creation of entrepreneurship programs.

These entrepreneurship programs aim to turn the dreams of aspiring entrepreneurs amongst the alumni and students into a reality. In order to accomplish this, the Alumni Association is fostering an ecosystem that is focused on facilitation the mentoring and funding of small and medium business projects as an medium for national innovation and growth. The Alumni Association relies on the ongoing affiliations with other company partners, including capital firms, law firms, and other businesses to produce some of the brightest startup minds.

Mentoring Programs

The Alumni Association operates globally, with local chapters in several locations across the world. The alumni of the Islamic Azad University are encouraged to take advantage of the wide variety of resources and funding opportunities that are available through the Alumni Association. Aspiring entrepreneurs can apply for individual mentorship in order to participate in confidential and informative discussions about the current business environment and future prospects. The coupon is also popular among teens and they are interested in having small businesses such as buying an selling. They can also attend the courses offered by the university on entrepreneurship, innovation, and venture capitalism.

Some of our experienced alumni have also volunteered their time and skills to provide career-related advising for students and alumni who are seeking job opportunities in startups or are looking to build a startup themselves. At times, insurance can also be discussed, in line with all the job opportunities. You can check zorgverzekeringvergelijken 2018 as advertised.  The Alumni Association has handpicked our best and brightest to provide a unique perspective for students and alumni who are interested in entrepreneurship and everything else that it entails. These valued alumni strongly believe in the importance of nurturing and cultivating the incredibly brilliant talent pool that emerges from the Islamic Azad University.

Alumni Resources

The Alumni Association aims to provide comprehensive information and resources for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to network and benefit from the experience, connections, and skills of the Islamic Azad University community. To catch on all the information you need, internet en bellen Ziggo is best used. Not only do we offer no-cost and confidential advising, we also provide other resources which will assist business owners and future entrepreneurs in overcoming obstacles, and ensuring increasing profitability and success in their ventures.

Some of the resources that we offer include the Alumni Entrepreneurs Directory which lists businesses that are owned and operated by alumni across the world. If you are looking to purchase products and services from with the Islamic Azad University community or if you just want to expand your business connections and entrepreneurial network, the directory is the ideal starting place.  Tons of products are being categorized here for easy exploration.

Grants and Lending

The Alumni Association also offers a venture accelerator for select alumni and students who have a unique and promising entrepreneurial idea. Alumni may apply for a grant as soon as they have completed our requirements. We also have a lending program in place to help small business owners access affordable capital and connect to vendors in the area. Health benefits can also be tackled, but if an employee lasts for more than 3 months, he can get more of zorgverzekering 18 jaar. These financing options can be used to fund any business purposes, from working capital to refinancing existing high-interest debt. For more information about these opportunities, you can contact us through the contact button in the navigation bar.